MijnGZA-ZNA elektronisch patiëntendossier

Do you have questions about using Mijn ZAS? There is a lot of information in the frequently asked questions (in Dutch) or the manuals (in Dutch). Can't find the answer there? Ask your question using the web form below.


Below are some points to be aware of before filling in this form.

  • You cannot make or cancel appointments via this form. For that, call the secretariat of the specialty where you have your appointment.

  • Do you have a question about your admission or your medical questionnaire?
  • You cannot ask medical questions through this form. We will not process or forward these. For the answer to a medical question, please contact the specialty for which the question is intended.
  • Please be as complete as possible when filling in this form. The more information you provide, the faster we will be able to help you.

No itsme® or card reader?

You can only log in to Mijn ZAS with itsme® or with your electronic identity card (eID) and a card reader. This is because security is important to us: this is how your identity is checked with the authorities.

Don't have itsme® or a card reader? Then these are possible solutions:

GZA Ziekenhuizen

Oosterveldlaan 24
2610 Wilrijk



Leopoldstraat 26
2000 Antwerpen